Sayote con Piña Jam


  • 2 pieces sayote
  • 1 piece pineapple
  • refined sugar
  • calamansi juice

Preparations and Cooking:

  1. Peel then slice the sayote into thin strips.
  2. Peel the raw pineapple, remove eyes and chop finely. Then crush the fruit.
  3. Mix one part sayote strips to one part crushed pineapple.
  4. Add sugar to taste.
  5. Add 1 1/2 tsp calamansi juice for every 4 cups of the mixture and stir thoroughly.
  6. Cook the mixture in a casserole over moderate flame, constantly stirring until it is thick.
  7. Let it cool at room temperature and store in glass bottles
  8. You can serve it on top of crackers or use it as pan de sal filling.